2014 Spring Hike Schedule Announced


Hi Everyone,

It’s that time of year again.  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  Here it is again, the long awaited hike schedule.  Also, it is time to renew your trail dog memberships.  It is $25 for the first dog and $10 for each additional dog that you have.  You can sign up at the hike when you come for the first time next year.  We will be having a prize each month for the person who hiked the most miles that month.  If any of you have any other ideas to improve our program please let me know.

  • Saturday, Jan. 4th | 9am
  • Sunday, Jan. 5th | 10am
  • Saturday, Jan. 11th | 9am
  • Sunday, Jan. 12th  | 10am
  • Saturday, Jan. 18th  | 9am
  • Sunday, Jan. 19th  | 10am
  • Saturday, Jan. 25th  | 9am
  • Sunday, Jan. 26th  | 10am
  • Saturday, Feb. 1st  | 9am
  • Sunday, Feb. 2nd  | 10am
  • Saturday, Feb. 8th  | 9am
  • Sunday, Feb. 9th  | 10am
  • Saturday, Feb. 15th  | 9am
  • Sunday, Feb. 16th  | 10am
  • Saturday, Feb. 22nd  | 9am
  • Sunday, Feb. 23rd  | 10am
  • Saturday, Mar. 1st  | 9am
  • Sunday, Mar. 2nd  | 10am
  • Saturday, Mar. 8th  | 9am
  • Sunday, Mar. 9th  | 10am
  • Saturday, Mar. 15th  | 9am
  • Sunday, Mar. 16th   | 10am
  • Saturday, Mar. 22nd  | 9am
  • Sunday, Mar. 23rd  | 10am
  • Saturday  Mar 29th  | 9am
  • Sunday    Mar 30th  10am


Sharon Nowakowski, Gentle Paws Dog Training | www.racinedogtrainer.com | (414) 916-5936

Author: BNA

Bong Naturalist Association is an all-volunteer friends group that is dedicated to support and promote the educational, interpretative, and recreational goals of Richard Bong State Recreation Area.