School Groups

Richard Bong State Recreation Area is an ideal natural classroom. There are several habitats to explore on its 4,515 acres including wetlands, grasslands and forests. We hope the park will be a place to bring your class to explore and, learn enjoy.


Our goal is to integrate what you have been teaching in the classroom with a field experience. We feel a hands-on experience helps make curricula more concrete. We hope too, that this trip will spark an even greater interest and awareness in our natural world. In the long run, we hope this leads to an informed and concerned citizenry who will work to improve the quality of life.

Guided Field Trip Descriptions

Scheduling a Group

Complete the application and return it to the listed address, e-mail or fax.  Applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.  No telephone applications will be accepted.

School application


There is a fee of $2.00/student. You may bring the payment the day of your visit. Make checks payable to WI DNR.  A fee waiver is available with a completed fee waiver form.

Fee Waiver

Self Guided Tours

Due to staffing and equipment constraints, classes attending a naturalist-led program will be limited to groups of 15-30 students. Often, two classes must take field trips together.  When this happens, we recommend that one class (with their teachers or parents) complete the naturalist program while the other class participates in a self-guided tour.  The classes then switch so both portions of the program are completed.

·        INDEPENDENT–Teachers may devise their own program to complement the naturalist program or bring specialists to help them throughout the day.

·        ASSISTED–We have many excellent resources we would be happy to share.  We can help you set up the day and are willing to suggest activities and provide equipment when possible.

·        BUCKET TOURS–Each tour comes complete with a program outline, a map when necessary, and activity sheets–all of which are sent to you prior to your visit.  Upon arrival a set of buckets containing the hands-on, exploratory nature activities explained in the outlines will be set-up or available for your use.

·        Click Here for Program Details on Bucket Tours

Other Resources Available

We have additional resources for the classroom teacher. You may check these out for up to two weeks. They are loaded with great hands-on activities that you may use in your classroom. Some activities may be used at park as your self-guided program.

·        WHITETAIL DEER TRUNK—Learn about the life and biology of whitetail deer. Discover what they eat, how they live and how they interact with humans. Everything you need is in the trunk!

·        TACKLE LOAN–We have rods, reels and tackle as well as other educational equipment to try your hand at fishing.  Learn more here

·        WHOOPING CRANE TRUNK—Learn about the adaptations, survival and biology of the endangered Whooping Cranes. This trunk is loaded with curriculum ideas and hands-on items. Learn more here.