About Us

Dedicated to Supporting Richard Bong State Recreation Area

Bong Naturalist Association is an all-volunteer friends group that is dedicated to supporting and promoting the conservation, educational, interpretative, and recreational goals of Richard Bong State Recreation Area. We partner with the park to enhance and protect the natural resources and to educate visitors about the need for conservation and preservation. Bong Naturalist Association was founded as a 501(c) 3 nonprofit corporation in 1994. All of our activities and money raised are used to benefit Richard Bong State Recreation Area and its visitors.

BNA accomplishments:

· A solarium addition to the Visitor Center
· Restoration of a wildlife refuge and lake
· Contributed to building an accessible cabin, playground and hunting areas
· Constructed a wildlife viewing platform
· Partially fund salary for education staff.
· Constructed Nature Explore Classroom
· Hosting Special Events
· Providing camper support with firewood, ice and merchandise sales

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